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Julia Rieder

Über Julia Rieder

Beigetreten 2022

Hey, my name is Julia. I am a certified Reiki Healer, Meditation initiator and Motivational Coach. I've been traveling for many years and got to spend time with different cultures and learned about their sacred rituals. Amongst others, cacao definitely resonated with me the most because it is a beautiful way to bring people together and connect on a spiritual level. Cacao has been used by native tribes for millions of years. I lived in Costa Rica for a few years where cacao ceremonies are held regularly and also spent some time in Peru where they follow this tradition as well. I had the chance to explore sacred land and spent time with the locals who are very open to share all their beautiful healing rituals. I am sharing this sacred cacao space with all the beautiful people who want to dive deep and connect with themselves as well as with other like-minded souls.

Blessings and love,


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