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Beigetreten 2021

Being open for creativity changed my life. My curiosity and open-mindedness brought me to a completely new way of living and thinking. I start projects with an artistic, experimental and intuitive approach. The practical experiences are important in my multi-disciplinary work, where craft meets design. For the visual communication of my ideas and concepts, I use a range of tools from sketches and photography to material samples, prototypes, and renderings. 


The work and projects had a basis in aesthetics and are now in a state with a focus more on meaningfulness, sustainability, and future relevance. My current expertise includes textile work, transportation interior and surface design, exhibition design, and artistic pedagogical work. 


My inner drive for projects with value and social impact is constantly growing. It expresses itself in exhibition design projects that create reflection and awareness, human interaction and participation. I feel the urge to enable people to explore materials, tactility, and creative techniques, to develop their creative potential as well as to sensitise sensory perceptions in my handicraft workshops.

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