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Töpferkurs Handbuilding in Dortmund - Einsteiger (Englisch)

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Immersive artistic experience

Perfect for first contact with clay

Make your own tableware set

Build something with your hands

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handbuilding plate

Ceramics handbuilding class is an immersive artistic experience where participants create pottery pieces using their hands and basic tools.

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handbuilding class

Horta guide students through various handbuilding techniques, such as pinching, coiling, and slab building, to shape clay into functional or decorative items. It is a great way to explore creativity, learn pottery traditions, and craft unique pieces without requiring prior experience with pottery.

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handbuilding class

The class lasts 2 hours. Over the following weeks Horta will finish the pieces with the glaze that you choose.

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Was du im Kurs lernst

Pinching, coiling, and slab building

Meditative activity

Molding clay with your hands

Was du an Materialien bekommst

All tools are included and 400gm of clay for each student. If the student wants more clay, an extra amount will be charged per gram. Fire Service coast 8€ per piece.

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Wo wir uns treffen


Horta Ceramics Studio Orensteinstraße 2 44149 Dortmund.

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Horta Ceramics - auf Triviar

Horta Ceramics


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Horta is a pottery artist and teacher from Brazil based in Germany.

With a focus on natural and experimental tableware ceramic production using different shapes, neutral colors, and textures.

With vast experience and a love for pottery, Horta nurtures creativity in a supportive environment in her classes. From traditional techniques to innovative approaches, she inspire students to craft unique masterpieces.

Horta`s teaching style is characterized by patience, encouragement, and a genuine desire to see their students flourish.

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