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Pole Dance ONLINE for beginners with an own pole at home.
Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Teilnehmer, die gerade erst mit Pole Dance begonnen haben. Wir unterrichten hier die grundlegenden Griffe und Schritte, arbeiten an der Körperkoordination, bauen die Muskeln auf, die für künftige akrobatische Bewegungen notwendig sind, und auch die Flexibilität des ganzen Körpers.
Bitte beachte, dass dies eine Pole DANCE Kurs ist, es werden Tanz und Choreographien gezeigt, nicht nur Figuren.
Der Unterricht findet auf Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch und Französisch statt.
This class is for students who have just started with Pole Dance, we teach here the basic grips and steps, work on body coordination, build the muscles necessary for more acrobatic moves in the future and the flexibility of the full body as well.
Please note that this is a Pole DANCE class, there will be dancing and routines, not just figures.
The classes are in English, German, Spanish and French.

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House of Blue Rose - auf Triviar

Lerne House of Blue Rose kennen

Kursanbieter*in bei Triviar seit 2021

The Blue Roses are the bruises you get along the way in life, the ones who make you stronger, the ones who are part of who you are… It’s a long way to find yourself, another long one to be able to reveal yourself, without fear or shame, just the way you want to be.

The House of Blue Rose already exist in an unofficial way since 2000: the Legendary Blue Rose Club in Ibiza used to welcome any burlesque performer, no matter their nationality, color, age, background or gender. If you were good or had potential, you could fire that stage every night.

Now the former performers are teaching the next generation, not just to be an artist but to explore your own potential in your own way, with Tips & Tricks from the original sisters, support as a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry, classes to help you find which kind of girl you are and how to translate it into body-language, fashion, style…

The classes are designed for TS-TV-TG women, wherever they just started to find their way or they are already at it for some times. Actually, if you have found yourself, we’d be happy to have you as a kind of Godmother for our students, to share your experience with us. In the tradition of the American Ballroom Scene, the House of Blue Rose is a new home, where you can built your own family, share everything and count on each other.
Regular women looking for self-confidence, poise, elegance and sensuality are naturally welcome as well in the classes.

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