DU möchtest Deutsch lernen/es verbessern? in Hamburg
DU möchtest Deutsch lernen/es verbessern? - auf Triviar

DU möchtest Deutsch lernen/es verbessern?

Hamburg • Einzelkurs

It is all about YOU, YOUR progress and YOUR individual goals. The clue is to get a solid grammar- ground on which you will stand.

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First of all, we'll take the time to get to know each other and check if we get along with each other well :) After that we will find out together with what kind of material we will work - of course I always have individual recommendations for you. We will also talk about what you expect and where you think your strengths and weaknesses are. Now we can start with the entry-level test, to find out...

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Was du mitbringen musst

What you have to do? Well you should have the motivation to learn German ;) and you should be able to do your homework regularly. And then you only have to contact me! Was du machen musst? Naja du ...

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Über Deutsch-und-Du

I am a teacher for the German language since more than 8 years and love what I do, because it is so great to see the progress of you, getting comfortable in a new and total undiscovered field. Finding your confidence and starting a new life is something so special and unique and I think its so great and brave to take this chance and make a change. I would love to be part of YOUR personal, adventu...

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Wo wir uns treffen

Thiedeweg , Hamburg

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